We are a family run business with over 25 years’ experience in the Drainage and Water industry, we pride ourselves on our great customer service.
PH Drains & Mains specialises in the maintenance and repair of all Drainage and Fresh water supplies. Offering a 24/7 call out service we won’t be beaten on cost or quality of work.
Whether it’s a blocked toilet or a burst pipe we are on hand to help, please call us on 07908 282 282 or email us your enquiry to www.phdrainsandmains.com and our friendly team will be on hand to assist.

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Commercial & industrial Drains

If you run, manage or take care of a business, your last wish is to have drainage issues preventing you from working. PH Drains & Mains recognise this and are on hand to help and prevent these situations from occurring. We’ll have you operational in no time.
We can carry out regular maintenance checks to prevent small issues becoming full-scale emergencies. Regular jetting of your drainage system and CCTV inspections can identify any potential problems and become a long-term preventative measure.
Our engineers are all highly trained and experts in their field. Whether you’re a restaurant, barbers, vets or a larger industrial premises you’ll be well looked after by PH Drains & Mains.

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An image of a drain that needs repairing.

Drain Repairs & Lining

A drain in need of repair.A drain that has been successfully repaired.

In some instances, drainage problems extend past a simple blockage. You can be confident that PH Drains & Mains will be on hand to sort out whatever your problem is.
A damaged pipe runs the risk of leaking sewage and water into your home or work premises. You’ll need to get this resolved swiftly. With our rapid response times, PH Drains & Mains can resolve the issue safely and quickly.
Our CCTV engineers will survey the pipework. We can complete a full written report and supply you with a DVD and advise on the safest and most cost-effective method of repair.
Our pipe relining service returns the pipe to better-than-new condition at a fraction of the cost because no digging is involved.
We also carry out localised patch repairs so if there is only one area of damage we can repair this using the latest technology.

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Drain Jetting & Descaling

Are your drains blocked? Does something smell? Our drain jetting and descaling service is the best solution for persistent problems.
High pressure water jetting can negotiate bends, travel further down pipes and carry far more power than standard drain rods.
All our vans are equipped with jetting units, they are able to clear anything from grease, fat and scale to tree roots.
PH Drains & Mains understand that your home is your castle. That’s why we ensure all our engineers have undergone full training with the Water Jetting Association and follow our safety guidelines when carrying out work. This means your property will be kept safe throughout our work.

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Jet washing a drain.

Water Main Repairs, Replacement & Plumbing

Replacing lead pipes.

Our engineers can help you with any plumbing emergency, no job is too big or small, you name it, and we can sort it. As with all our other services our plumbers are all trained to the appropriate standards and are on hand to meet your requirements 24/7.
If you need help with your outdoor plumbing, PH Drains & Mains are on hand to help. We’ve helped our customers with plumbing for water features, sprinklers, sheds and summer houses.
We’ll help with the niggly issues, if you’ve got a burst pipe or a tap that won’t turn just call us on 07908 282 282.

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Pre-Planned Maintenance

Drainage problems such as blockages, spewing sewage and unpleasant smells can render your business operational, costing you time and money.
PH Drains & Mains are always here to help in an emergency why not implement one of our pre-planned maintenance programmes which can prevent small issue becoming full-scale disasters.
We carry out a free introductory survey to analyse the state of your drains. If we find any issues, we can resolve them to ensure everything is working correctly.
We can create a bespoke programme to cover the maintenance of your drains, they are tailored to suit your business needs and can be scheduled to that disruption is kept to a minimum.

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An engineer surveying a faulty drain.

Unblocking Drains

This image shows a drain that needs unblocking.

Unblocking Drains
We understand that a drainage emergency can be a real fuss. PH Drains & Mains have the expertise to fix your problem safely and effectively.
What are the signs of a blocked drain?
Smell – the most obvious and unpleasant indicator of a problem
Slow draining – if sinks are taking longer than usual to drain and the if the water in your toilets is rising after flushing
Who is responsible for sorting out a blocked drain?
You’re usually responsible for drains inside the boundaries of your property.
What do I do if I have a blocked drain?
If you’re in a commercial or industrial premises, you should inform the appropriate individual who oversees the facility and maintenance of the premises.
If you are in rented accommodation, you should call your landlord, housing association or agent and explain the issue.
If you know the drainage issue is your responsibility, call PH Drains & Mains 07908 282 282 and we will have an engineer with you as soon as we can.
Don’t leave it, act fast:
Overflowing sewerage can cause serious health hazards.
Damaged drainage is likely to cause further damage to the property if left unresolved.

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